There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.


2014-That was one wonderful day when we met Iris...we made up our mind instantaneously that she should represent us in search for our home. And now that we have settled into our home, we know that meeting Iris was the best thing that happened to us during the whole process. Iris is as patient a person that can be. The best part is she talks to you and quickly analyses your family structure, your requirements, your needs, your future projections. Then she starts her home work. She will call us and tell us about the very best properties suitable for us....She will not try to thrust any home on us... she will go through every listing and figure out if it works for us. One of the best qualities in her is her knowledge and local expertise. Its unbelievable how much knowledgeable she is...She knows so much about the nitty-gritties.. the mechanicals, the foundation, the roof, etc,etc. If she feels we are not making a right decision, she will softly inform us what she feels instead of just nodding her head. She never showed that she was in a rush. Its so nice to work with an agent who is working not just to earn profit..I know she deals in really big properties..but she equally gives time for persons looking to buy or sell smaller houses. I can go on and on praising her. My wife has more words of praise and will some time post her review also. I have already signed her for my next deal. I am unable to give her more than 5 stars above in the ratings, otherwise she deserves much more than that. V.G

2014-Iris has unprecedented knowledge of the market with superior negotiation skills. She was very patient to hear your out and super responsive in finding the right house. She provided many value added services that made the house purchasing such a joyful journey. I truly enjoyed working with Iris and would highly recommend her to any one who is in need of such services Lingna W.

2014 -I have worked with many realtors and Iris is truly one of the most professional, responsive, and hard working realtors I have come across. I would gladly use her services again and she was my saving grace navigating a very cumbersome process. Iris has at her disposal a team of individuals who will guide and help you navigate the complicated world of real estate , making it an much easier and more enjoyable process. Michael C.

2013- Iris is a very experienced real estate professional. She can help both sellers and buyers in a very positive way. She has not only given us many useful suggestions, but also helped us to take care of the house after we have moved, such as snow removal, grass cutting, even checking the heating oil level for us, etc.. She is very dedicated to her job and spent much of her time to help us. She is the best agent we have ever had. Shili C.

2013- Iris was wonderful to work with. She is extremely competent and hard working. She displayed professionalism and expertise throughout our home search. She helped us with negotiations throughout the process of purchasing our home, and was able to accomplish things I didn't think possible. I would recommend Iris to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in CT. MB

2013- Iris brought the perfect house to our attention and helped us acquire it despite a lot of other eager buyers. She clearly knows the local market in Cheshire, and helped us arrive at the best offer. She was very responsive to many requests to make the house accessible, and very helpful throughout the buying process. It was Iris' promptness that enabled us to be in our lovely house. Thank you so much!
Anuba S.

2013- I owned an Alice Washburn designed home that was well built, had updates in keeping with the home's original design and a beautiful yard. Since this was a unique home in the area's real estate market, my realtor, Iris Meyer, ensured that the home was fairly priced, was well-represented both on the internet and to local realtors, and worked with the appraiser providing needed information on the history of the house and the improvements for the buyer's mortgage approval.
Iris provided me with wonderful advice on how to present my home when it was ready to be sold, and made sure that visits from prospective buyers were always scheduled to be convenient for me and my family. At every step of the process she provided me with the information I needed and always made sure that the decisions I made were fully informed, including negotiating the final selling price. I found Iris always pleasant, prompt and available. I highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home in the area.
Susan E.

2012- Iris is fabaulous, and truely one of a kind. always positive and up beat. she just a great person and realtor!
Susan S.

2012 - Iris was very professional at all times. She was a warm and concerned agent. She worked hard on our behalf. We certainly would recommend her to our friends and neighbors.
Robert P.

2012- Iris was a complete professional during the acquisition process. She maintained a calm exposure regardless of any crisis at hand. A refreshing, calming influence when you need it most. Knows how and when to push for things during negotiation. Was able to secure concessions during inspection clearance when I would not have asked for them myself. Truly an asset on your team who maintains honesty and integrity throughout the process.
Tony A.